Storytime with Jayar's Kids

Listen Wednesday afternoons. When you hear my kid's story end, be the 10th caller and win a limited edition - Storytime CD with 20 of the top stories of all time!! 






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NEEDTOBREATHE - Rivers in the Wasteland

Jesus Freak Cruise

The Huntsman: Winter's War



Jason Crabb

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Coffee Shop Remixes

Jayar's Coffee Shop Remixes     Jayar writes down everything he hears at a coffee shop and sends those random sentences to DJ Juan Verde who creates what we call “The coffee shop remix”
Song #1 - "I'd Like a Latte" Listen Song #2 - "Two Whole Acres" Listen
Song #3 - "Christmas Edition" Listen Song #4 - "Static" Listen
Song #5 - "Spring Break" Listen Song #6 - "If I write it down" Listen
Song #7 - "Such a good mom" Listen Song #8 - "I would google it" Listen
Song #9 - "Christmas Edition 2"Listen