Brand Management & Community Impact

We are excited to share two free articles about the marketing world. They explain how marketing works, the art of relevance, and winning strategies. We at The Joy FM want you to discover how to strengthen your business, boost sales, help your community, and connect with a loyal audience.

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  1. Can Branding Produce ROI
  2. How to Find Marketing Success

Marketing with The JOY FM

The JOY FM has a rich history of serving our local communities, helping businesses prosper, and creating massive, mostly exclusive and loyal listeners in a substantial fashion. We hope you will consider becoming a business partner with us. The JOY FM track record of proven success helps many businesses to:

  • Grow & nurture brand strength with a large & loyal audience
  • Build strong relationships with future customers by promoting and exemplifying Christian values.

The JOY FM can help your business succeed with brand management. We will work hand-in-hand to create a tailored campaign so your business stays in front of our loyal listening families, our donors and the communities we serve.

In addition, since The JOY FM is a 501(c)3 non-profit, financial support from business sponsors of The JOY FM help provide corporate social responsibility which most businesses deem necessary. A healthy community breeds a healthy consumer environment and creates endearing relationships. Here are achievements The JOY FM has accomplished after three decades of serving:

  • Hundreds of thousands of people impacted every week
  • Tens of thousands of families fed every year
  • Over three-quarters of a million prayer line interactions annually
  • Hundreds of local and regional non-profit organizations supported each year
  • Concerts, events, community outreach, disaster relief.

Our list of successes seems to grow every year, and we never stop. It is why The JOY FM exists.

To learn how your business can build strength in its brand, experience successful sales growth, impact your community and reach a virtually exclusive and loyal audience, send an email to Or, compete and submit the form below: