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Friday, April 08, 2022

LightA few months ago, I sat in a hospital waiting room. My Mom had been in a deep depression for many months, and God seemed silent. We had cried. We prayed and prayed and still nothing got any better, only worse. I sat in that waiting room for nearly 5 hours, hoping to see my Mom for a visit.
As I waited, the darkness seemed so deep.

Then, I began to think about the fact that Jesus referred to Himself as "The Light of the World."

I began to repeat to myself this truth: "No place is too dark; no pit is too deep, that Jesus can't shine His light on that situation."

I said this truth over and over as I sat and waited.

I believed it. I received it. No place is too dark, no pit is too deep. I invited Jesus to shine His light upon my Mom and our situation.

Hope rose up in my soul.

I look back now and see that time as a turning point.

Fast forward to today, and my Mom is doing so much better! Jesus has healed and delivered her from that darkness. She has peace of mind.

I thank God every day!

If you are finding yourself in a dark situation, know there is hope! No pit is too deep, it's never too late.

Invite Jesus to shine His beautiful light upon your dark situation. Believe in His power over darkness.

If you would like to pray with someone now about this, you can call The JOY FM's prayer line. It's free and anonymous....877-800-7729.

Stay strong, Friend.

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