Parental Fear

Friday, March 11, 2022

As I kid, did you ever forget your homework, lunch or lunch money? How did you handle the situation? Did you have to figure it out on your own?

It happened to me once or twice. I had to talk to my teacher and work it out. I didn't have the luxury of texting my mom to bring it to school. I don't think we were able to text on a rotary phone anyway...

I know times have changed since then. The internet and social media, along with the 24/7 news cycle, has brought about a lot of fear in our world today. Parents become fearful for the safety of their kids. I think my wife and I are guilty of that to some extent. Have the fear in the hearts of parents today affected our children to the point that they now live in fear and can't figure things out for themselves?

My eyes were opened about this when I was this article from the Today show's website- "Helicopters, lawnmowers, buldozers: How to stop fear from governing your parenting" by Susie Garlick. She talks about the three types of parenting- Helicopter parents (hovering over everything our children do), Lawnmower parents (mowing a perfect path for our children), and Bulldozer parents (knocking down every obstacle to help our kids succeed). These types of parenting have held our children back from learning how to problem solve for themselves. 

Susie talks about the effects of this type of parenting, including seeing a rise in depression and even suicide amongst pre-teens and teenagers today. 

She talks about how parents need to instill confidence in our children and allow them to problem solve on their own instead of relying on us to fix the problems for them. I encourage you to read this article to aid in your parenting skills and not let your fear hinder your children!

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