Painful Memories

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Lysa TerKeurst is a well known Christian speaker and author. She has been very open about difficulties in her marriage- dealing with infidelity. She found it very painful to see pictures of happier times with her family because of the pain she was dealing with. 

You may be in a similar situation. Hurt in your relationship or other troubles have turned happy memories into moments of pain. Lysa shared what she is doing about that in an article in Relevant magazine, "What Do I Do With All of These Painful Memories This Christmas?"

This is still an ongoing process for her. She is learning to choose to not let the pain of her situation steal the joy that she experienced during those happy moments. At the end of the article, she writes, "...ask the Lord to help us stop giving pain permission to rewrite all of our memories." If you are going through similar struggles right now, read the article and see how Lysa deals with combatting her emotions and trying to bring joy back into her life.

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