Self Compassion

Friday, September 24, 2021

When you look at yourself in the mirror, do you tend to give yourself a compliment or do you focus on the negative? I tend to do the latter. I focus on the things I've done wrong, and beat myself up for it. 

If you tend to criticize yourself, here are some tips from an article called "Need More Self Compassion?" The article on points out four things to do to break that habit-

  • Start with mindful awareness- notice whether you lift yourself up or are more negative about yourself. If you find you're more negative, start with not beating yourself up because your are more negaitve! When you think of a negative, figure out why you did it and remind yourself that you are doing the best you can.
  • Practice kindness- We tend to be compassionate when a friend beats themself up. Be more compassionate to yourself for the same thing!
  • Recognize you are not alone- It's okay not to be okay! Don't hide it so much (but don't plaster the news all over your social media page, either). Talk to a trusted friend, pastor, your bible study group. Self professional help if it's that bad.
  • Keep practicing- repeat the first three steps so you get the hang of being more self compassionate.

Click the article link about to read more about being kind to yourself!


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