Sunday, August 29, 2021

Slow Down

Our society is moving faster than ever. Technology allows us to get things done faster, which gives us time to do more things. We try to cram so much in our day. The downside of that is we miss the time to stop and seek God and allow Him to do a work in us. 

Jesus never rushed despite having an enormous mission to accomplish- saving God's people. He moved at God's pace. For you and I to continue to do as Jesus commanded us, we have to do the same thing- move at God's pace, not the world's pace.

An article from Relevant Magazine, "Six Reasons You Seriously Need To Slow Down" is about what we miss out on when we do too much. Here are some of the highlights in this article when we move too fast-

  • It Destroys Our Relationship With God- Having a deeper relationship with God requires us to be still and to listen for Him. Spend time in prayer and solitude like Jesus.
  • It Decreases Our Capacity To Love Others-  the first part of 1 Corinthians 13 "Love is PATIENT." We can't take the time to love when we have too much on our schedule. We can't expect instant reconciliation when we hurt one another. Slow dow to take the time to love and nuture your relationships.
  • It Increases The Power Of Temptation- instant gratification can get us into a lot of trouble. Wait for God to give you the things you need and desire on His time.
  • It Numbs You To Injustices- We don't stop and take a look at what is going on around us or truly see the brokeness in our world. Slowing down allows us to really grasp the things injustices that break God's heart. Allow it to break yours and seek God's direction for what you can do.
  • It Increases Narrow Mindedness and Legalism- It's great having all this information at our fingertips. But after we Google the answer, we run with it instead of seeking God's wisdom and discernment. Ask yourself if what you just read is truly from God or not.
  • It Clouds Your Purpose and Dimishes Your Passion- God's idea for our purpose is to just do things, it's also about having a passion and fire for what God is calling us to do. Working at a soup kitchen as passing out meals is doing. Taking the time to speak to the person you're serving is having that passion. Be the passionate person God wants you to be as you do His work!

The article goes more in-depth about these points. Slow down, take the time to read it, and allow God to do a deeper work in you!

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