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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Amy Grant released a song on January 18th, 1991 that became her biggest song ever in Christian and pop radio. She was inspired to write the song by her then six-week old daughter, Millie. As Amy was holding her, she said to herselp, "Oh, baby baby!" She says it was hard to craft the lyrics because she didn't want it to sound like a romantic song. 

"Baby Baby" reached number one on both the Christian and pop singles charts. There were some who expressed their displeasure that Amy would crossover into secular music. The song was the first single from her album, Heart In Motion", which included a couple of songs that did have strong Christian messages- "Ask Me' (about a woman who shares how her faith in God helped her deal with abuse as a child), and "Hope Set High" (about God's goodness through Jesus). Both of those songs were big in Christian radio.

"Heart In Motion" did produce four other songs that hit the Top 20 on Billboard's Hot 100- "Every Heartbeat" (#2), "That's What Love Is For" (#7), "Good For Me' (#8), and "I Will Remember You" (#20). 

Here is the music video for the song "Baby Baby"-


BONUS- In 2016, Amy Grant celebrated the 25th anniversary of "Baby Baby" by recording a new version of the song with Tori Kelly. The two talked about the song-


And here is the 25th anniversary version-


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