Be A Peacemaker

Saturday, January 02, 2021

Our country and world has seen its share of conflicts. In the past, there have been people who have lead the charge to fight injustice and bring about peace. People like Martin Luther King Jr. and Mother Teresa. They all followed the ways of Jesus- bringing about change through love and peace. Jesus didn't shy away from addressing the wrongs of the world.

However, in today's world with social media, we don't see the peacemakers like with did before. Instead, people spew their thoughts with a keyboard, and cause more division instead of bringing about reconciliation.

There was a great article in Relevant magazine called How to Be a Peacemaker in a World of Conflict. It challenges us to follow the ways of Jesus and address the social issues of our time in constructive ways. We should not be casting blame, inciting anger and division. Nor should we just sweep everything under the rug and pretend it's not happening. Jesus didn't do any of that.

Take some time to read the article and challenge yourself to be the peacemaker that God calls us to be!

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