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Sunday, October 11, 2020

The Story Of Your Life


Matthew West is celebrating 10 years of "The Story Of Your Life". He asked for people to submit their God stories. Some stories were inspiration for a number of Matthew's songs. He also publised a devotional book and shared many more stories. One of the stories came from a JOY FM listener.

Renee Napier shared her story of forgiveness. A drunk driver, Eric Smallridge, took the life of Renee's daughter and her daughter's friend. Eric was convicted and sentenced to over 20 years in jail. Renee felt convicted to write Eric in prison. It was a letter of forgiveness. A letter that was not easy to write, but God moved her to forgive Eric. She began speaking to groups about her story. SHe also convinced the judge to reduce Eric's sentence. 

Renee's story was the inspiration for Matthew's 2012 song, Forgiveness. Matthew shares Renee's story in this video, and you will see a few familiar faces in the video.

"Forgiveness" became one Matthew's biggest songs. Eric came to know Jesus through all of this, and now travels with Renee to share their stories. 

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