Throwback Thursday- Fee

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Steve Fee

Steve Fee and his band was based out of Northpoint Church in Alpharetta. The group Fee hit it big in Christian music in 2007 with the song "All Because of Jesus" from their debut album "We Shine". The song peaked at number four on the Billboard Christian songs chart. Here is a live performance of that song-

The band released another album in 2008 ("Hope Rising") which featured the songs "Glory To God Forever" and "Everything Falls". It was not long after that Steve's career came to a halt because of his admission to having an extra-marital affair. 

I got the chance to talk to Steve in 2014 as he was making a comeback with a song called "Grace". He was very transparent about what happened and how God was working in his life at the time. I have the audio of that interview below.

Steve appeared on a new show on NBC called "Songland". The best way to describe it is an American Idol type show for songwriters. The four writers were submitting their work to be featured in a new film. Steve's song "Same Blood" was one of the finalists. Here is his performance on the show- 

Unfortunately, his song did not win the competition. But, the featured artist did record the song because he loved the message behind the song.

Steve shared the story on how he met his wife, who was a single mom to a young boy who was suffering from cancer. They met when Steve came to Creed's hospital room to sing his favorite worship song, "Glory To God Forever" (video below)

Here is my 2014 interview with Steve opening up about how God restored him after the breakup of his marriage-


Throwback Thursday- Fee

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