Church Language

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Fellowship... Doing life... Every head bowed and every eye closed... 

Where do you hear these terms? I don't think you'll hear them used by Braves' announcers during an eighth inning rally. We hear them in only one area of our lives- at church! I have to admit, it bothers me. We (and I do include myself- I'm just as guilty!) will only use various terms in church circles (whether it be at church, small groups, fellowship time...) but not in any other aspect of our lives. I wish I can break myself away from it!

I was just introduced to this video by singer Micah Tyler (Never Been A Moment & Even Then) that he did for his church in Texas about a Rosetta Stone language course for "Christianese." I was rolling on the floor! Very funny! Take a look! 


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