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Saturday, May 04, 2019

Team Freedom 2019

Here I am running in the Gasparilla Distance Classic 8K in Tampa with Team Freedom earlier this year. It took a lot of training- lots of days of running and exercising. Believe me, there were days when I did not feel like it and (confession here) would come up with an excuse!

Peerfit recently asked Americans about their excuses for not going to the gym to exercise. Here were the top three excuses-

1) Too tired- 63% (been there, used that!)
2) Too hot- 39% (on occasion)
3) Too cold- 39% (not that one!)

Of course, there were some ridiculous excuses as to why people didn't want to go to the gym. Here are a couple-

- my pancreas hurts (really!?)
- I stubbed my pinky toe 
- I exercised in my dreams (sure you did...)

According to some experts, the best way to avoid excuses is to exercise with friends. Don't go alone- get a friend, family member, even co-workers to go with you!

There were some other "creative" excuses for not exercising. You can click here for the complete survey.

Have you ever used a crazy excuse to convince yourself not to go to the gym? Comment below-


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