Siri Call The Prayer Line

Imagine three young sisters, alone and afraid, in a hotel crying out and asking Siri on their cell phone for a prayer line. And ours, the one that is made possible because people like you give, was the one that Siri recommended.

These girls called the Prayer Line because they were being terrorized by gang members. We prayed and did a follow-up call encouraging them to contact the police for protection.  One of them called us a second time, desperate for more prayer because the 14-year-old had been gang raped. Worse yet, now she wanted to take her own life.  They were frustrated and frightened that no one loved or cared enough to help them.

But God did.

Their thoughts of suicide turned into salvation as they accepted Jesus as their Savior while on the phone with one of our team members. They were saved spiritually, mentally, and physically as our prayer team worked with our referral team when the police were not willing or able to intervene. We contacted a domestic violence ministry near the girls that immediately rescued them and took them to a safe shelter.

We recently received an update. They were relocated to another city and state. They are doing very well, living in an intermediate housing program, attending a church, taking classes, and interviewing for jobs. Praise God for His protection, rescue, and provision!

Sharathon, our fall fundraising celebration, begins September 20th. Now is the best time to invest in what’s important … something that lasts. What you make possible is so much more than music. Your gift today makes a difference for people every day. And when someone says yes to Jesus, that difference lasts for eternity!