Scientist’s Parenting Advice Needed Easy Dinners

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Dinner always surprises me! (As if I don’t expect 5 pm to roll around every day.) And the ONLY last second up my sleeve is gluten-free pasta with sauce & meatballs.
This means I’m begging for your ideas ... pretty please with meatballs on top!

Inevitably, my adorable adult son & hubby (as seen below) call to ask me about FOOD at the end of their workday. Panic!
(If they were the one’s at home, I’m sure they would plan and cook for me ... insert laughter here!)

Yep ... I’m a procrastinator! This infiltrates every area of my life. Believe me, I know and should plan for dinner but don’t more often than not. Having groceries delivered even last minute (ish) is an amazing thing! And the variety of meal delivery available now probably makes me procrastinate even more! It’s like I forget the grown men in our multi-generational home will want dinner.
My parents fin for themselves and help feed the rest of us sometimes. Praise God!

We want to raise our kids to love God, love others, and take care of themselves!!
I’ve met enough of you guys over the past 20 years to know for sure you are doing a great job.
Trust Jesus one day at a time to be the parent each child needs.
This article blew my mind because it’s practical parenting tips confirmed by scientists. We could’ve told them all this without all the money they spent on research!

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