She's Here!!!

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Baby Thomley

At 11:32pm on Monday 7/6, I became a grandmother! Nic & Ashley Chambers welcomed Thomley Chambers into the world! I’m sure she will be just as beautiful inside and out as her parents. Thomley came in at 19-inches,  6lbs 10oz!

Mommy & baby 

Daddy & baby


bundle of JOY!

Here’s a pick of little Thomley & her mommy side-by-side! They look like identical twins. It’s as if they are saying,” I don’t like this place! I was so warm and dark AND quiet! Put me back!!” Nicolas & Ashley Chambers are doing well and coming home today!

side by side


There are more pictures of Thomley meeting her "Punkin'"! Check it out here!

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