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Is your business still open?

We’re in this together, and our priority is you and your business. In an partnership-effort to help you stay authentic to your brand, sensitive to reality, and still share your message, we are offering a complimentary resource to those businesses that are still open and serving the community. Please complete the form below to add your open business to our STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS LIST. The JOY FM team will promote the STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS LIST on all its platforms including on-air and digitally. You and your business are in our prayers.

Fill out the form below to add your open business to our list! All businesses will be reviewed within 1-2 business days and added to our list of "Open Businesses" once approved.

Need ON-AIR announcements for your Business?

As a non-profit radio station, The JOY FM offers what’s referred to as “underwriting announcements.” These can be used to promote an upcoming event, a local ministry, or even to brand your business. The underwriting announcements are usually 30 seconds in length. These 30 second announcements are usually packaged together on a monthly basis to brand the business or ministry with our loyal listening audience.

For more information about our underwriting program, contact us at 770-487-4500 or email