Meet Carmen

Carmen Brown

Carmen Brown

…Dave answering for Carmen… 

1.) If Carmen weren’t doing radio today, what other job, would she have? Artist Management

2.) Where can we find Carmen when she is not working? Starbucks, Orange Theory, or Target

3.) If you had to write a book about Carmen’s life, what would the title be? My Life as a Decided Blonde

4.) What actor/actress would play Carmen in a movie about The Morning Cruise? OR  What celebrity would Carmen be mistaken for? Sandra Bullock as Leigh Anne Tuohy as Carmen

5.) What JOY FM artist does Carmen keep her headphones on for when it is played? It varies, depending on new releases. Lately, Chris Tomlin and for King and Country

6.) What are people surprised to learn about Carmen? She’s not Hispanic.

7.) What’s the most unusual item in Carmen’s office? Either the Life Sized Stand Up of Dave Barnes or the 2 foot tall Pink Flamingo wearing sunglasses and a straw hat.

8.) What’s the best/worst gift Carmen has given you?  Worst- running shoes. Best – Flying in with Bill to attend my Dad’s funeral. Unexpected and very appreciated – but don’t tell her I said that.

9.) If The Morning Cruise were in High School, what superlative would you give Carmen the award for? Most Loquacious (then we’d explain what that word means)

10.) If The Morning Cruise were stranded on a desert island, what would you rely on Carmen for? Booking travel back to the mainland. (Believe me, a few days stranded with us, she’ll find a way)

11.) If Carmen had to enter a competition for the “Most Uselessly Unique Talent,” what would their talent be? Loudest, longest, snortiest laugh.

12.) What punctuation mark best describes Carmen’s personality? Why? There is no punctuation, she’s one long run-on sentence.

13.) Most memorable on-air moment with Carmen? The day she tried to tell us about Nelson Mandela, The first African American … I mean,  South African American President of South Africa.

14.) If Carmen were the eighth dwarf, what would their name be? Bossy, wait … Ditzy, wait … Snorty?

15.) What JOY FM song most describes Carmen? Wherever We Go – Newsboys