The Morning Cruise Replay - A Perspective of Prospicience

Friday, November 27, 2020

With Thanksgiving Day in the rearview mirror, we're looking at Advent and Christmas with prospicience (to borrow from Bill's BIG Word!). 

As of today, The JOY FM is your Christmas music station and will be through Christmas Day. 

With Sunday being the start of the Advent season, we shared a sample of what to expect from Louie Giglio's Advent Devotional, Waiting Here For You, as we'll officially start that on Monday.

We did take a quick look back to yesterday with talk of plans for Thanksgiving leftovers and then of course, shifted to the biggest conversation of the day after Thanksgiving with Black Friday shopping. 

Not only will be starting the Advent Devotional on Monday, but Dave, Bill and Carmen will be drawing names for their Blue Giraffe Gift Exchange. 

This weekend is typically rivalry weekend in the world of college football...but #2020! 

If you prefer Christmas specials over football, you'll want to tune into PBS for their airing of Charlie Brown's Christmas Special. 

And to satisfy your sweet tooth, Krispy Kreme has a few Christmas-related options for you. 

 00:33 Your Christmas Music Station 

02:18 Sample of Louie Giglio's Advent Devotional 

05:37 Plans for Thanksgiving Leftovers 

07:17 Black Friday Shopping 

10:00 Blue Giraffe name exchange on Monday 

12:13 Rivalry Weekend 

14:00 Bill introduces new listeners to the show 

16:18 Charlie Brown Christmas Special 

19:16 Highlighting a Christmas song from Chris Tomlin and We The Kingdom 

21:13 Krispy Kreme Christmas Donuts 

23:25 Bill's BIG Word - prospicience

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