The Morning Cruise Replay - Past and Presents

Friday, November 17, 2023

According to Carmen, Dave was a bit of a "Grinch" yesterday when she asked if he could play a new Christmas song from Blessing Offor. So, this morning, we started the show off with an oldie but a goodie with Blessing displaying his God-given gift on "Wonderful Christmastime". 

If you've got a snorer in the family, you might want to check out Jules recommendation for a "sleep mitigation tool" as a possible Christmas present for you and your family member. 

Carmen brought in a couple of gifts this morning in the form of gingerbread cookies and an incredible story from Priscilla Shirer. 

A favorite restaurant of the past for Dave is coming back, but he'll need to make a special trip to enjoy it in the present time. We actually got a call from Randy who told us a bit more background on the restaurant that led to the creation of another restaurant. 

Bill pointed out a book that is not only celebrating its 100th anniversary but was also once named among the 100 Most Influential Books in Christianity. That led to Carmen sharing a powerful message from her Bible study this morning. 

Having the cookies around, Dave was reminded of a new product collaboration from Toll House Cookies but if his wife were to be gifted with it, he would prefer the actual cookies. 

And that Priscilla Shirer story was so good we actually shared it again towards the end of the show and had some more thoughts to share as well. Bill tried to keep the punchline a bit of a surprise but his fail helped him with finding today's BIG Word. 

00:32 Blessing Offor - Wonderful Christmastime 

03:35 Reaction to the song 

04:56 Jules - Snoring device

08:12 Gingerbread cookies 

11:58 Priscilla Shirer story 

17:12 Being with God in prayer 

20:14 Steak & Ale

24:47 Call from Randy 

27:17 Christianity & Liberalism 

32:15 It's real, y'all! 

38:02 Gingerbread cookies 

40:53 Toll House Cookies Body Care Line 

43:33 More thoughts on Priscilla Shirer's story 

46:22 Bill's BIG Word 



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