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Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Our friend Justin Davis releases his new book, Being Real > Being Perfect, today. Fittingly, Carmen bookended the show by giving away copies of his book at the start of the show and the end of the show. And the greater than symbol was fitting for several aspects of today's show as well. 

Dave told us how Lauren Daigle made a chance meeting at a cajun restaurant into a greater than experience for her and the chef. 

Bill celebrated his wife's birthday and it was made greater than with family around. 

Looking to make Advent >? Try the 2023 Advent Devotional from She Reads Truth, available for pre-order today. 

Dave took a trip to New Orleans for an industry event and took an airboat trip. For others on the trip, the airboat trip added to the experience. For Dave, it was a trip down memory lane. And he told us the reason why the airboat operator had < 10 fingers. 

Meetings are typically >15 minutes. How great would it be if they were < 15 minutes. 

When Carmen got her role as General Manager, business meetings added to her day. But it took her some getting used to things like P&L statements 

Would Deal or Deal Island be greater than the original? Dave told us about the plans for the new show but it will not include Howie Mandel. 

Bill's not sure what is going on with his closet as his shirts have gotten smaller. 

Since we're in the fall season, pumpkin is everywhere. Carmen shared a pumpkin pie muffin recipe with us. But Dave suggested 2 other flavors that might be in greater abundance than pumpkin this fall. 

00:32 Being Real > Being Perfect by Justin Davis out today

03:25 Lauren Daigle and Chef Story 

06:40 Family and Kimberly's Birthday 

10:33 Advent 2023 She Reads Truth Book Pre-Order

13:20 Dave's trip and gators 

19:28 15-minute meetings

25:42 P&L Story re-told 

31:02 texts from listeners 

35:19 Deal or No Deal 

40:07 Bill's closet 

44:33 Pumpkin Pie Muffins 

47:50 Fall Flavors - Apple and Caramel 

51:31 Being Real > Being Perfect 

53:59 Bill's BIG Word 

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