The Morning Cruise Replay - Questions and Answers

Monday, October 02, 2023

We had lots of questions and a few answers on today's episode of The Morning Cruise. Dave shared how his granddaughter has been learning lots of things in her own backyard including the dangers of cow killer ants. 

Carmen shared an Instagram post that offered some alternatives to the idea that God's not answering your prayers. 

And she had a question of her own after upgrading the operating system on her watch and wanting to go back to the old ways. 

Former President Jimmy Carter turned 99 yesterday. Thinking about the way he answered the call to hold the office left us with some questions about the current state of politics. 

We warned you ahead of time so you don't have questions when your phone sounds an alarm on Wednesday as part of a national test. 

If you've got questions about how to get started with Tara Leigh Cobble's The Bible Recap and The New Testament we've got a couple of links for you to check out at 

As we get closer to fall, especially since we are in October, soup is on our minds. Carmen shared a favorite recipe while Bill shared a couple of new ones that his daughter found. 

Bill is looking to celebrate his wife's birthday today and he's feeling the expectations to come through for her. 

Dave shared a story about Lauren Daigle and a chef at a small cajun restaurant that she calls on for some home cooking on the road. 

00:32 Dave's weekend 

01:07 Dave's weekend and cow killer ants 

06:52 Ant phobia

08:01 Alternatives to God's Not Answering 

11:43 Can You Un-Upgrade Question for Cute Little IT Department 

15:15 Answers to upgrade questions 

18:00 Jimmy Carter turns 99 

23:07 Phone Alarm Test on Wednesday 

26:57 The Bible Recap New Testament 

28:21 Carmen's Taco Soup 

31:38 Two more soup recipes 

34:29 Kimberly's birthday and Bill's bittersweet expectations 

39:37 Lauren Daigle and new chef friend 

42:47 Bill's BIG Word 

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