The Morning Cruise Replay - The Influence

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Dave doesn't need the influence of a celebrity like Tom Hanks to drive his desire to go to space but he does share that desire in common with the film star. Speaking of Hollywood and space, Bill told us about the reboot of Lost In Space as a movie and a Netflix series. 

Ford Taylor has influenced our workplace culture at The JOY FM, especially when it comes to apologizing. Bill addressed the importance of apologizing. Carmen followed that up with some thoughts from Paige Brown on bad news. 

The Robertson family is known for their time on the show, Duck Dynasty. Now we can get a look at life before the show in a new film in theaters starting today. Carley Boyette sat down with Willie and Korie Robertson to discuss the film which centers on Phil Robertson's story before he knew Jesus. 

Carmen has been thinking about Generation Z a lot and was surprised to learn that 1 in 4 of that generation has the desire to be an influencer. One of the trends that influencers have inspired is the van life. 

Dave, Bill and Carmen caught up with Ford Taylor to hear what he had to say about influence in the workplace and tell us more about gossip and the 6-step apology. 


00:32 Dave and Tom Hanks In Space 

04:27 Lost In Space 

07:21 Importance of Apologizing 

10:57 Bad news Not That Bad 

16:06 The Blind | Carley Boyette with The Robertsons (Part 1) 

20:09 The Blind | Carley Boyette with The Robertsons (Part 2) 

25:41 Gen Z Influencers 

30:43 Van Life 

34:04 Ford Taylor - Ford Is A Verb 

37:12 What Ford is doing now and the Influence Percentage Talk 

43:47 Question about Influence in the workplace 

46:22 Gossip 

49:52 6-Step Apology 


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