The Morning Cruise Replay - Partner Up

Thursday, September 14, 2023

We re-shared our conversation with Christian rapper, KB, from yesterday and shared a new portion of the conversation about how we can partner up across musical genres. 

Next Tuesday, we'll be changing up the programming and asking you to partner up with us for Sharathon. But, you can give now to not only help us with our running start but also get entered to win our First Day Fill Up. 

Carmen shared an article where former Tampa Bay Buccaneers player shared his experience of being teammates with Tom Brady. 

A revival has started on the campus of Auburn University and many students are taking part. 

Dave's granddaughter is celebrating her 5th birthday today! 

Carmen also shared the 5 M's of Listening to God's Voice from Priscilla Shirer in her Bible Study, Discerning God's Voice. 


00:32 A Hot Minute with KB 

02:49 KB - The Offensiveness of the Gospel and Divinity of Christ 

07:23 KB's book, Dangerous Jesus

13:14 Truth and Love 

18:40 How We Can Partner 

22:08 Sharathon 

25:06 Kyle Rudolph on Tom Brady 

31:04 Thanks! 

31:34 Revival at Auburn University 

36:28 Sharathon 

42:27 Emmie turns 5! 

44:54 5 M's of Listening To God's Voice - Priscilla Shirer 

49:02 5 M's of Listening To God's Voice - Part 2

53:38 Bill's BIG Word 

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