The Morning Cruise Replay - New Found Joy

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

If you've been a Christian music fan for awhile, you might recognize today's podcast title as the title of Mylon LeFevre's first album. Dave told us during the show today that the man behind many of the songs you know and love passed away over the weekend. 

As we "borrow" from his album title, Carmen also "borrowed" pieces of our tower in Georgia during the show yesterday to offer up to those that gave in recognition of the 1600-ft. tower that fell because of a tornado. We recapped the events of yesterday. 

And for those that find joy in the form of candy corn, Dave told us about a new Candy Corn Club from candymaker, Brach's. 

Carmen's church, Radiant Church in Tampa, is having a revival this week and she shared from one of the speakers some signs that you are spiritually falling asleep. That led to Bill sharing from an episode in The Chosen Season 3 where Peter is trying to rest at home with his wife but keeps getting interrupted by the other disciples visiting him to illustrate how God messes up our comfort for the sake of our sanctification. 

If The JOY FM is new to you, you'll find our Chapter 3 video enlightening as it tells the history of the station as we began to grow exponentially. 

If you are looking for a new way to retain information, you might find audiobooks to be a worthwhile endeavor. 

Carmen wants to know if cold plunges are a new found joy and whether or not they actually have benefits. 

And although he lives in the Tampa area, we have never had KB on the show, until now. He shared quite a bit about his faith and how he outlines it in his new book, Dangerous Jesus. And we certainly found a new joy in having him on the show! 

00:32 Sharathon and Tower Piece Update 

03:25 Candy Corn Club 

06:09 Signs You Are Spiritually Falling Asleep 

12:09 God messing with your comfort 

14:03 Chapter 3 video 

18:18 Audiobooks 

21:37 Mylon LeFevre 

29:00 Mylon, Elvis and NOT Carrie Underwood 

32:07 Cold Plunges 

36:04 Text Responses 

39:19 A Hot Minute with KB 

42:22 KB - The Offensiveness of The Gospel and Divinity of Christ 

46:55 KB on his book, Dangerous Jesus 

52:31 KB - Truth and Love 

57:55 Find KB on Instagram (@kb_hga) 



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