The Morning Cruise Replay -Towering Inspiration

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

There was a towering amount of inspiration on today's show! Paige Brown is a Bible teacher from Nashville that will inspire you to take a deeper dive into the Word as she leads a discussion on Jonah for the Fall of 2023. Dave was almost inspired to watch the video from Week 1, which you can do until tonight at midnight! 

Demario Davis, a linebacker for the New Orleans Saints, shared an inspiring message from the postgame press conference where he pointed to Revelations 3:20. Hearing that, Dave was reminded of some other football players that have inspired fans with their faith. 

As we were discussing Sharathon, Carmen was inspired to do something she had been thinking about doing next week during Sharathon. She went into Ed's office and grabbed 20 pieces of The JOY FM tower in Georgia that fell from the tornado back in January. Ed had been inspired to take these pieces of the tower and turn them into a commemorative gift after hearing Jason, a listener, who was inspired during FriendRaiser in March, to give a dollar per foot of that 1600-foot tower! 

So Carmen decided to offer up these pieces of the tower to other listeners that felt led to give a minimum of $1600 for Sharathon. Not only did we give away the 20 that she initially got, but we got 20 more to give away as well! 


00:32 Paige Brown Bible Study - Week 1 clip 

04:33 Dave almost watches Paige 

06:04 Demario Davis answered prayer for daughter

10:39 Derwin Gray 

12:27 Sharathon 

15:48 Piece of the Tower 

21:44 Phone lines are full! 

22:54 16 left! 

26:34 Ed and Pieces of the Tower

33:19 More pieces of the tower 

38:22 1 left 

38:38 20 more pieces of the tower 

42:25 Jason's text and listener email 

48:01 22 so far...18 left! 

51:35 15 left! 

53:53 Bill's BIG Word 


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