The Morning Cruise Replay - In Remembrance Of...

Monday, September 11, 2023

On this 22nd anniversary of September 11,2001, we shared our 9/11 timeline today and Carmen also shared how she was given the honor of speaking at the memorial service of a close family friend over the weekend. 

We also discussed the US Open, college and pro football, burgers, Paige Brown and Sharathon. 

00:32 ESPN/ Spectrum at US Open 

02:46 Remembering 9/11 

05:44 9/11 Timeline 

17:36 Football at Martin Manor 

21:45 Coco Gauff Praying after win 

23:39 Sharing about Tessa's memorial service 

30:14 Texts and Prayer Center 

32:16 Big Game Burger 

36:47 Good Burger 2 

38:18 9/11 Memorial Museum and where to find our timeline audio 

39:08 Paige Brown - Week 1 message on Jonah 

43:55 Sharathon 

46:30 more on Sharathon and  Bill's BIG Word 

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