The Morning Cruise Replay - In Any Way, Shape, or Form

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

We are back in today after the Memorial Day Holiday weekend and getting right back into form for you to get through this shortened work week. 

But if you are in need of a family game night idea, Carmen recommends Cards Christians Like. 

Dave was hoping to have his house back in order soon but with his wife building the castle for VBS at church and leading the crafts, he's not sure when things will return to normal. 

Bill celebrated the Memorial Day holiday with his kids including Adam who celebrates a birthday today, but for some of them the celebration soured when they discovered the expired condiments. 

Carmen and family had to pivot their holiday weekend plans when one of the people they were supposed to go to the Bahamas with had a passport issue, so they went in a different direction and found themselves in the Florida Panhandle at 30A/Rosemary Beach. Carmen enjoyed her time there and was curious as to how that area got developed. 

The vacation plans of those on a Carnival Cruise ship near the coast of South Carolina didn't play out the way they had hoped as they got stuck in some rough weather. 

While Americans celebrated Memorial Day yesterday, some folks in the English countryside took part in an unusual contest with a wheel of cheese. And when Dave shared that, we heard from Jeannie, who has ties to the family that makes the cheese wheel for the contest every year. 

Dave also shared with us that condiment prices spiked ahead of the holiday weekend. 

Need help with your memory? Try an apple, or tea, or berries. 

Rick Hoyt, a man who lived with Cerebral Palsy, was an inspiration to many as he and his father completed over 1300 endurance races together. Carmen shared the news that Rick passed away last week at the age of 61. 

Dave and his wife, Emilie, went looking for shells and shark teeth in an unusual spot. 

Carmen shared an idea with moms taking a beach vacation with little ones. 

00:32 Welcome Back/ Cards Christians Like 

03:54 Dave's Castle Woes 

06:29 New to the Cruise Info 

08:27 Adam's birthday/ Condiments expired 

12:02 CarCar's trip pivots to 30A 

20:31 How did 30A come to be? 

21:41 Listener responses 

28:04 Carnival Cruise in tropical weather 

30:44 England's Cheese Rolling Contest 

34:30 Call from Jeannie/ Condiment Prices Rising 

38:43 Tea, apples, berries help memory

41:54 Rick Hoyt passes away

45:21 Shell hunting in new neighborhoods 

50:43 Treats from Mermaids for Little Ones 

52:58 Bill's BIG Word 

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