The Morning Cruise Replay - Work in Progress

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Carmen did some work over the weekend with minimizing in her closet and now you can benefit with her new Instagram page, @projectcarcarminimizes. 

Getting Gen Z interested in the local church takes some work and Bill provided some guidance from a blog post on The Gospel Coalition. 

Dave got a "gift" in the mail to report for his civic duty. 

Bill has some interest in some side work as a movie extra. 

And with all the inflation talk, there's some good news from Walmart that Carmen shared for your Easter prep. 

00:32 Carmen's weekend project 

03:47 @projectcarcarminimizes 

06:55 Haley and de-influencing 

12:53 responses to Project CarCar 

14:36 A Gen Zer loves the local church 

19:21 Cutting through distractions 

23:46 Dave's Jury Duty 

29:05 Being an extra 

32:14 Project CarCar is underway 

36:51 Walmart's Easter Prices 

38:44 BIll's BIG Word 

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