The Morning Cruise Replay - A Helping Hand

Monday, March 20, 2023

Today's show was a collaboration on helping each other out. Carmen got us started with a sweet story from the weekend where she helped a young man pick out flowers. 

If you need help remembering someone's birthday, Carmen can help you out. She has a great memory when it comes to those special days and today just so happens to be Chris August's birthday! 

There is no help for your NCAA brackets as many upsets over the first 2 rounds of the tournament led to busted brackets. 

Carmen's husband, Pete, has tried over the years to help her with small DIY fixes she can do. This weekend he was out of town, but he was still able to help her out with a detailed text of what to do. 

A contestant on American Idol sang a familiar song to many of us as he not only helps his church as a worship leader but he may be able help Carmen with her appliances as well. 

Bill got some help from Brooke Ligertwood at her concert on Friday night in putting some things into perspective for him. He shared a few ways that he was thankful for such a refreshing weekend. His daughter, on the other hand, needed some help from her parents with her luggage as she prepared for a trip. And now she needs help from the airlines to get her bags to her actual destination. 

Ben Affleck's vocabulary has improved thanks to some help from a group of actors that he is in a Wordle competition with. 

Dave's ready to take a break as he tells us it actually helps productivity. 

Carmen helps us get a better understanding of cortisol. 

And Bill told us how collaboration is a desirable skill and some ways we can improve that skill before he helped us with our vocabulary with his BIG Word of the Day. 


00:32 Carmen as a flower helper 

04:27 Chris August's Birthday 

06:14 NCAA  Bracket busting 

10:18 Carmen gets a long distance helping hand 

15:10 American Idol Audition 

16:31 A Thankful and Refreshing Weekend 

21:10 Madison's lost luggage 

25:08 Ben Affleck and Wordle 

29:15 Table Fellowship - Christi McClellan

33:20 Breaks help productivity

37:18 Cortisol 

41:03 Collaboration is a desirable skill (part 1) 

45:15 Collaboration is a desirable skill (part 2) 

48:10 Bill's BIG Word 

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