The Morning Cruise Replay - Breaking Bread Together

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Doing life with you on the radio is like we break bread together on a daily basis. And, in the case of today's show, we had some sourdough and zucchini bread. But first, Bill, got us started with research on the problem with selfies. It's been awhile since Dave, Bill and Carmen have sat for some show promotional photos. And they've got a date on the books to finally sit down for some updated pictures. 

Carmen has been enjoying sourdough bread lately and she shared 11 reasons why everyone should be eating sourdough bread. Making your own sourdough bread requires a little bit of work but only 3 ingredients according to our friend, Molly Grayson. 

Headlines across the country have those headed to Florida a little concerned as a large blob of seaweed is floating closer to the coastline of the Sunshine State. 

Carmen will be breaking bread together with a friend that she hasn't seen in a long time next week. 

Carley Boyette shared a conversation recently with Joshua Becker, the author of The More of Less, on the minimalist lifestyle. Carmen has been reading that book and digesting quite a bit of material on the matter as she considers taking the journey to minimalism. 

Some people like pickles on their sandwich. Some prefer pickleball. And now you can take a Carnival cruise and play pickleball on their ships. But what about the wind up there? 

With so many people interested in sourdough bread, Carmen offered up another option for zucchini bread, but you'll need to sign up for the newsletter as they are often sold out. 

While Carmen is focused on breadmaking, Bill's wife has been focused on making another carb favorite - homemade pasta. Bill had his doubts but was so pleased with the results that he offered an apology to his wife before serving up his BIG Word of the Day. 


00:32 Problem with selfies 

04:00 TMC Promo Pics 

08:00 Sourdough Bread - Part 1 

12:35 Sourdough Bread - Part 2 

16:23 Seaweed blob 

22:08 Carmen's friend, Kim, coming next week 

24:47 Carley Boyette with Joshua Becker 

30:58 Carmen reading The More of Less 

32:42 Walking the minimalist journey 

38:24 Pickleball on Carnival Cruises 

41:52 Zucchini Bread 

45:21 Bill's apology to his wife for homemade pasta 

48:37 Bill's BIG Word 

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