The Morning Cruise Replay - Perusing The Options

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

We're getting excited for Brooke Ligertwood's shows in Jacksonville and Tampa this week. But we also recognize that Brooke has chosen make a lot of sacrifices for her family to be on tour and share the word with fans at her concerts. She recently shared an Instagram post where she got a reminder from her husband to remember why (they) do this! 

Soon there will be 64 teams to choose from for the NCAA March Madness Tournament. And there are a lot of options to peruse when it comes to filling out the bracket, although it seems that Dave, Bill and Carmen are whittling their brackets down to a similar outcome. 

The spice aisle at the grocery store gives you plenty of options to choose from. One of those brands is updating their packaging, just in time for millenials to ask for more spice in their foods. 

Perusing the options of a menu at Buffalo Wild WIngs, you might find boneless wings. But are they really wings? Or nuggets? Or does it really matter? 

Carmen is about to make some decisions on a new house paint color but is looking for your input as well. 

When reading the Bible do you choose a physical Bible or a digital Bible? Bill told us about a new book that looks at the creation of the digital Bible and how people are engaging with the Word. 

There seems to be a lot of rocket launches lately. In fact, there was one last night. Dave watched the rocket launch from his house and told us how an experiment involving high school students was part of this rocket's payload. And no, the students were not taken to space! 

Sometimes too many options is overwhelming, to the point where minimalism looks to be a better option. Tomorrow, we'll share a conversation that Carley Boyette had with Joshua Becker, author of Becoming Minimalist. 

00:32 Brooke Ligertwood Instagram clip 

02:58 March Madness Brackets 

06:23 McCormick ups the spices 

12:04 Buffalo Wild Wings boneless wings? 

14:42 Carmen's house paint decision 

21:29 text recommendations 

24:38 People of the Screen 

30:44 Physical Bibles vs .E-Bibles 

33:42 Rocket Launches and High School Experiments

37:08 Joshua Becker tomorrow 

39:54 Bill's BIG Word 

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