The Morning Cruise Replay - Well Rounded

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

It's March 14th, which to some, means it is Pi Day...or is it Pie Day. But on this 3.14 day, The Morning Cruise was a well rounded show. 

If you are like many struggling after the time change this past weekend, you may want to try cherry juice as a sleep aid. Or you might even pick up a kindle. 

Natalie Grant recently performed at Dollywood where Dolly Parton joined her on stage to sing a duet. 

What exactly is pi? Dave tried to explain it and we got more of an explanation from an actual math teacher. 

Carmen shared some advice for a solid soul from Pastor Scott Sauls. 

Bill kept the spiritual talk rolling with a discussion on the Armor of God, to which Carmen highly recommended Priscilla Shirer's Bible Study on the Armor of God. 

If you are looking to be more well rounded with your health, Carmen has 5 tips for you to try - Whole Food Nutrition, Weights Over Cardio, Increase Your Step Count, Track Your Food, and Keep The Special Occasions to Special Occasions. 

And since Carmen is picking up the weights more often, Dave invited her over to his house to help lift bags of mulch. And Bill is feeling it in his legs after his pickleball workout over the weekend. 

Dave may be getting more exercise over the next couple of weeks as he and his wife are dogsitting for some friends. 

And if you are looking to have a more well rounded relationship with your dog, Bill recommends dogspeak. 


00:32 Cherry Juice as a Sleep Aid 

03:54 Kindle as a Sleep Aid 

06:42 Natalie Grant performed with Dolly Parton 

07:56 Pi (Pie) Day 

12:20 Call from teacher 

14:38 Scott Sauls - Advice for a Solid Soul 

20:15 Pray for Tess 

21:48 Armor of God 

26:34 Priscilla Shirer's Study 

30:43 Making mental shifts in health 

38:14 Bags of mulch and pickleball as workouts 

41:28 Dave and Emilie dogsitting 

45:59 Dogspeak 

47:55 Bill's BIG Word 


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