The Morning Cruise Replay - In Ubiquity

Monday, March 13, 2023

After a weekend with the clocks springing forward, everybody is a little extra tired today. But that didn't stop us on The Morning Cruise. We continued to share from the New Testament in the book of Romans with Tara Leigh Cobble and The Bible Recap. It's hard to believe we have just over 3 weeks left! Are you still following along with us? 

Pickleball is everywhere! Dave's been playing. Carmen has a paddle but hasn't played yet and Bill played with his son for the first time this weekend. But with it being everywhere, noise complaints are starting to become a thing as well. 

Speaking of pickles, the vinegar-soaked cucumber is having its moment like shrimp did with Forrest Gump. Everything is getting pickled. Including asparagus, which Dave's wife, brought home from the store recently. Also this weekend, Dave spent some time playing homestead with his granddaughter, Emmie. He explained just how you play that. 

Pornography is ubiquitous. Jonathan Pokluda had Joshua Broome as a guest on his podcast over the course of 2 episodes to discuss the issue as Joshua is a former adult film star and now serves as a pastor. 

It's March so that means brackets are ubiquitous with people picking their favorite college basketball team to win the NCAA tournament. But Bill is more concerned with who should win his book bracket. 

We wish there was a degree of ubiquity with Paige Brown and her teachings. But, alas, we only have 2 more days to watch her final session on the Book of James. 

And Carmen's got an app for you to check out the next time you are on an outing with friends and need to split the bill. 


00:32 Spring Forward 

03:07 3 weeks left with Tara Leigh Cobble 

06:15 Sill following along? 

07:22 Bill played Pickleball 

11:20 Noise Problems 

14:25 Pickled Asparagus 

17:43 Emmie playing Farm and Homestead 

21:19 Jonathan Pokluda's podcast with Joshua Broome 

28:35 text responses 

29:40 March Madness/ Bill's Book Bracket 

34:45 A winner for Bill's Bracket/ Actual March Madness 

36:56 Paige on Jude 

40:04 Splitwise app 

44:31 Bill's BIG Word 

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