The Morning Cruise Replay - What's The Problem?

Friday, March 10, 2023

Carmen created a little problem for herself on the Poshmark app. But it didn't take long until many of you came to her rescue. 

Bill made a trip to Plant City and the Strawberry Festival to introduce for King & Country for their concert there last night. And as he was surrounded by all things strawberry, he got to thinking about the best strawberry dish. So he came up with a bracket. There's just one problem. He doesn't quite understand the bracket system. 

Carmen took her mom to see Jesus Revolution at the movie theater last night. And she shared some of her favorite scenes - hopefully, she didn't spoil anything! 

This weekend is the dreaded changing of the clocks one hour ahead. But what would that mean for time on the moon? Dave explored that question as space explorers get ready to make history this weekend with the launch of the first ever 3D printed rocket. 

There has been a lot of discussion about the changing of the time and whether or not it is needed these days. But which time do we pick and stick with? That's where the problem lies with the debate. 

Bill noticed the juxtaposition of our grumbling about the time change and playing a song called JOY right after that. But he shared a Bible verse that should help resolve that balance. 

Since Bill has a hard time understanding brackets as they are mainly used for sports, Hitch found a bracket that might help him understand how it works. 


00:32 Carmen's Poshmark problem 

05:12 text responses on Poshmark problem 

07:17 for King & Country @ Strawberry Festival 

12:41 Strawberry Brackets 

16:47 Jesus Revolution 

22:37 Commentary on the funniest scene 

26:33 Moon Standard Time and 3D Printed Rockets 

31:56 Daylight Saving Time - Pick One and Stay! 

36:23 JOY 

39:37 Literary Lunacy Bracket for Bill 

43:03 Bill's BIG Word 


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