The Morning Cruise Replay - Make It A Priority

Thursday, March 09, 2023

Today on the show we looked at priorities and we started with a blog post in The Gospel Coalition on Why Praise Matters in Prayer. Carmen followed that up with a reminder to not set aside scripture. 

Dave told us how one story about a YouTuber led him to her videos where he learned that she has re-prioritized her faith and gone from New Age to Jesus. 

Carmen told us about a video that she wants you to make a priority especially if you are a fan of The Chosen. The video is a 2-hour documentary showing Gen Z reacting to watching the groundbreaking Gospel presentation. 

Among Bill's many priorities in the morning is his bowl of oatmeal. But he may be making a change to that routine and adding tea to his oatmeal after trying the viral trend. 

While he considers that, Dave's got a neighbor who will add iced tea to his cereal. Carmen shared how she tried to share the video of Gen Z and The Chosen with her mom, but Mohair had already seen it months ago because she is such a fan of the production. Tonight, CarCar and Mohair have made it a priority to go see Jesus Revolution. 

And if you need to make fitness a priority, Bill has some research on walking that may inspire to take those first steps. Carmen has even tried short 10-minute walks to help get her steps in. 

00:32 Why Praise Matters in Prayer 

05:30 Don't Set Aside Scripture 

09:05 Influencer - From New Age to Jesus 

15:43 Gen Z reacts to The Chosen 

21:21 Follow- up on tea in oatmeal 

24:26 tea in cereal/ CarCar and Mohair going to see Jesus Revolution 

26:27 New Walking Research 

31:52 Short 10-minute walks 

35:08 Bill's BIG Word 

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