The Morning Cruise Replay - A Home Run of a Show

Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Carmen went to the local baseball fields to watch her nephew Jack in action. Sitting there she realized how wholesome of a time it was. That brought back some memories from Dave's childhood around his local ballpark. 

When it comes to sports, Jeopardy contestants recently had a "swing and a miss" when it came to word association with different sports. 

Another company that may have some customers crying "foul ball" is Ford as they have recently applied for a patent for a car that can repossess itself. 

While out running around town with her family, Jules learned that narwhals are in fact, real. That was news to Carmen as well. But Jules did hit a home run with the latest JOY Story featuring Rebecca. 

We got a lot of calls and texts yesterday when Dave discussed Sears having homes delivered by train. One of those calls was from Adam who lives in one of those homes now. 

Bill still hasn't stepped up to the plate, or in this case, the oatmeal bowl to make his favorite breakfast with a cup of tea. But he did get to hold Candice's baby, Wilhelmina before they took a trip back home to Wisconsin to visit family. 

Lauren Daigle has a new song and she definitely knocked it out of the park with this one! 


00:32 Auntie CarCar goes to Jack's game 

05:09 Dave's baseball memories 

07:10 Jeopardy contestants whiff on sports 

10:38 Ford's self- repossessing cars 

13:36 Jules learns about narwhals 

16:49 Jules - JOY Story 

19:31 Adam's call about Sears home 

23:19 tea in oatmeal? 

24:12 Got to hold baby Wilhelmina

27:15 New song from Lauren Daigle 

29:23 Bill's BIG Word 

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