The Morning Cruise Replay - In The Picture

Thursday, December 08, 2022

We painted quite the picture today and with your help as you helped us add photos to our Skylight digital picture frame for your chance to win a Stanley tumbler. 

As pictures came in throughout the morning, Bill gave us a look at what the 12 Days of Christmas gifts would cost today. That led to Dave talking about gas prices and the likelihood that those prices will be cheaper in the near future. 

Dave then shared with us a surprising look at the most popular US grocery store. 

Carmen has read the Bible through several times now and the picture she has of her faith is so much clearer now. 

Carley Boyette recently sat down with none other than Kathie Lee Gifford to discuss a new project on Netflix. 

00:32 Waiting Here For You - Day 8 

02:26 12 Days of Stanley - Skylight Picture Frame 

06:28 Pictures coming in! 

09:40 Cost of Christmas List 

14:02 Gas prices 

17:32 Most Popular Grocery Store 

22:06 Carmen's BIble Reading 

24:54 Carmen's Revelation 

31:17 Pictures still coming in! 

35:45 Carley Boyette with Kathie Lee Gifford - Part 1

38:08 Carley Boyette with Kathie Lee Gifford - Part 2

42:55 Bill's BIG Word 


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