The Morning Cruise Replay - Never Too Late To Learn

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

We learned today that it's never too late to learn a few things! Like the song, Take Me Out To The Ballgame...Dave's granddaughter knows all the words and sings them proudly! 

Cell phones in schools have become a problem. So what's the solution? Bill has an article from World Magazine looking into the issue. 

Carmen, along with many of you, is not a fan of humidity. But it turns out she does not live in any of the most humid cities. You might be surprised to learn what the top 15 cities are. 

Speaking of weather, we are in the middle of hurricane season and Bill has a reminder of what needs to be in your hurricane kit in case you've forgotten. 

Carmen pointed to a comment made by Jennifer Garner when she addressed young women considering cosmetic fillers. 

And for the older women, she shared a few thoughts on Instagram for those that might be experiencing peri-menopausal symptoms like she is. 

Lots of talk about flight delays these days has many asking who is to blame. 

Dave pointed back to the conversation on young women and fillers when he shared some thoughts on criticism from Tauren Wells. 

We've got a special treat from Chris Tomlin happening soon when he debuts his new album. And we've got a way for you to win tickets to the premiere as well! 

Ever wonder why a school bus has a white roof and black lines along the side? We dug deep to find out for you. 

For those that still don't want to grow up, because they consider themselves a Toys R' Us kid, we've got good news. The toy store is making a comeback with the help of Macy's department stores. 

Carmen gave us a lesson on Google Lens before Bill schooled us on an SAT word with his BIG Word of the Day. 


00:32 Andi Kate sings Take Me Out To The Ballgame 

02:03 Cellphone Citizenship 

06:25 Most Humid Cities 

10:55 Forgotten hurricane kit items

15:25 Young Women and Fillers 

19:37 Carmen's Instagram Post 

24:20 What's to blame for flight delays?

28:44 Tauren Wells and Criticism 

32:24 Tomlin's Album Premiere 

36:58 Selfie Submisisons 

39:28 Register To Win Online 

40:55 White Roofs on School Buses 

44:06 Black Lines on School Buses 

45:38 Toys R' Us and Macy's 

48:59 Google Lens 

52:46 Bill's BIG Word 

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