The Morning Cruise Replay - In A Pickle

Friday, August 12, 2022

Dave is back today after a quick trip to Nashville. Although he was in a bit of a pickle as his flights experienced a few delays. 

He was excited to share some new music from Zach Williams, but his computer turned sour and wouldn't let him get the song to us right away. 

The new song from Zach is a bit of a different flavor from him. And your responses to the song were on the sweeter side! 

We're getting ready to shoot a video for Sharathon but we're in a bit of a pickle as we need an embroiderer. 

"A Pickle" is more known for sports fans as a situation in baseball. But we're a little more focused on football as this weekend we'll have all of our teams participating in some preseason action. 

Speaking of football, Bill was reminded of Tony and Lauren Dungy. He spoke on their thoughts on fostering and adoption. Carmen followed that up with a story on character and winning. 

What was the big dill on The Morning Cruise this week? The difference between a wheelbarrel and a wheelbarrow! 

Looking for some different pickle options? We've got quite a few for you. 

Reading the Bible is the bread and butter of a Christian life. Bill shared the findings of the American Bible Institute's State of the Bible 2022. 

There are more translations of the Bible than there are pickle types. Bill shared a few of the preferred options. 

00:32 Dave's Flight Delays 

04:37 Technology issues 

05:54 Still having issues 

06:44 New Zach Williams Song- Heart Of God 

08:13 Story behind the song 

10:27 Isaiah 61 

12:40 We need an embroiderer 

15:25 This Weekend's NFL Preseason Games 

18:12 Tony & Lauren Dungy on fostering 

20:48 Tony - Character and Winning 

23:28 Response on wheelbarrel/wheelbarrow

27:11 Pickles 

33:55 State of the Bible 2022 

41:14 Bible Translations 

43:54 Bill's BIG Word 

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