The Morning Cruise Replay - Sweet Moments

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Jayar came in early to fil in for Dave. He shared some of the sweet moments he had as he brought soccer cleats to kids in Jamaica. Bill shared a viral video of a Little Leaguer who consoled the pitcher who beaned him. Carmen discussed mindset when it comes to sugar and a sweet moment between Taylor and Madison of Cain. 


00:32 Jayar in/ Back To School 

05:14 Perseids Today 

11:00 Jayar in Jamaica 

17:17 A Message from Jamaica 

18:19 More from Jamaica 

25:53 Little Leaguer Sportsmanship video 

28:03 Mindset on Sugar 

35:00 Jayar - mountaintop miracles 

43:09 Providence 

46:04 Cain SIsters Reunite 

50:26 Comments on the video 


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