The Morning Cruise Replay - Miss Much

Tuesday, August 09, 2022

If you ever miss a part of The Morning Cruise, you can find it right here on The Morning Cruise. 

Carmen started out this morning by missing her laptop which she left at home. 

Many fans of Olivia Newton John are missing her as the news was shared of her passing yesterday. 

For the younger generations, they missed out on some classic movies. But one movie will be coming back to theatres soon! 

You can miss a lot with your head down. Carmen reminds us this morning to keep your gaze up. 

In your 20s, there is a lot of life to experience but how can you spend that decade thriving? Bill shared a blog post highlighting 4 Steps To Thrive in your 20s. 

Dave caught a new show featuring Jeff Goldblum and in the first episode he looked at the anticipation of unboxing and why it is part of the process not to miss. 

If you missed it yesterday, Carmen shared about a new book she's currently reading, A Praying Life by Paul E. Miller.


00:32 Carmen's Laptop at home 

04:22 Texts and back to school rhythm 

06:44 Olivia Newton John 

12:53 Olivia Newton John memories 

15:17 Jaws coming back to theatres 

21:13 Keep Your Gaze Up 

24:54 4 Steps To Thriving In Your 20s - Part 1 

29:57 4 Steps To Thriving In Your 20s - Part 2 

32:42 Jeff Goldblum sneakers 

39:32 A Praying Life 

42:26 Bill's BIG Word 

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