The Morning Cruise Replay - Valuable Perspectives

Monday, August 08, 2022

How you view your time on Sunday as either a day of fun or a day to reset shows your perspective on a number of things as Carmen got us started with a trend on TikTok. 

And new perspectives will be shaped as many return to school for their first day today. 

Dave got to hear the perspective of a new Pastor candidate at church yesterday. 

Carmen shared a message from Ben Stuart of Passion City Church DC taking a look at the perspective of some Christians that question the value of the Bible in today's world. 

Prayer can be a difficult thing for some as they might be afraid to pray messy prayers. Bill tells us how and why that is a good thing! 

That led to Carmen sharing about a book she's in the middle of reading, A Prayer Life, which looks at praying in a distracting world. 

What's the value of your personal data? Bill shared the findings of a survey that shared just how much Americans thought their personal data is worth online. 

Looking for some free resources of the stuff we talk about on the show? Check out 

Carmen and her daughter, Abbey, went shopping at Lululemon over the weekend, and it took some hi tech to track down a shirt that was misplaced in the store. 

Dave's daughter-in-law, Katherine, just received her Master's Degree in counseling over the weekend. 

Carmen's Bible Study group at home is getting started this week and they'll be looking at Jacke Hill Perry's perspective on Jude. 

Bill talked about the value of persistence in prayer as he sees God move in the life of his daughter and son-in-law. 

How much do Taco Bell fans value the Mexican Pizza? Enough to convince the fast food company to put the item back on the menu permanently! 

Tauren Wells has a perspective in our industry that is unmateched. Tomorrow, you'll have another chance to win tickets to his Tampa show with Tauren Tuesdays. 


00:32 #SundayReset

03:20 School Routines 

06:38 New Pastor Candidate 

10:22 Ben Stuart 

16:02 Praying Messy Prayers 

20:20 A Praying Life 

23:30 Value of your data 

28:12 Free data at 

29:16 Hi Tech Lululemon Shirt Hunt 

34:30 Katherine's Master's Degree 

36:10 Jude Bible Study 

41:39 Persistance in Prayer 

45:10 Taco Bell Mexican Pizza 

49:42 Tauren Tuesdays 

51:55 Bill's BIG Word  

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