The Morning Cruise Replay - Hunt and Peck(ish)

Thursday, August 04, 2022

One traveler who was feeling a little peckish ended up paying a hefty price for his breakfast in Australia because of a mistake he made. And for those feeling a little peckish themselves, Bill has a recipe for Cantaloupe Breakfast Bowls. 

Dave hunted down Haley in the halls and brought her in to share a story from vacation that had us LOL when she told us how their whitewater rafting trip was almost a hunting trip for "beaver sharks". 

After we poked a little fun at Carmen, she asked Haley to share a little about what she has learned from her most recent monthly challenge. 

Speaking of challenges, there's a hunting challenge in the Florida Everglades that starts today for the oh-so-invasive pythons. 

That conversation led to some texts about the hunt and it led to Dave sharing a story about his mom and a water mocassin while Bill had people pecking away at the keyboards to text us with their own python poetry. 

The leadership at Instagram might be feeling like they are being hunted down as many reacted negatively to some recent changes on the social media platform. 

Scammers are out and hunting for unsuspecting victims via PayPal. 

The next time you take a hunting dog (or any dog for that matter) on a road trip, you might want to put on some soft rock. 

Sharathon is in our sights at the end of September, but we could use your prayers. 

And Bill has been sharing BIG Words this week that might get confused for other words. 


00:32 $2K Egg McMuffin 

03:51 Cantaloupe Breakfast Bowls 

06:17 Haley - Beaver Sharks 

11:25 Haley - "Yet" 

16:08 Python Challenge 

19:58 Texts 

22:42 Dave's mom and the mocassin 

29:35 Python Poetry 

31:38 Instagram changes 

40:01 PayPal scams 

43:20 Dogs like soft rock 

45:39 Sharathon Prayers 

48:16 Bill's BIG Word 


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