The Morning Cruise Replay - Jump In Feet First

Wednesday, August 03, 2022

If you had the chance to go to Buc-ee's would you jump at the chance? 

Some listeners are jumping out of bed this morning and heading to school for their first day. 

Some are jumping mad at seeing a higher rate on their credit card bills. 

One listener jumped at the chance to make a birthday cake for the GOAT - Tom Brady! 

When you've got Aqua-colored Stanley Tumblers to give away what better way than to have people jump in the pool with all their clothes on! That's exactly what we did this morning when Carmen offered up a couple of Stanley Tumblers to listeners that sent in videos. 

That led to Dave jumping back in time to when he was in youth group and possibly the night that he met his wife. 

WIth news of cutting fees, some people are jumping over to fly with Southwest Airlines. 

But Carmen is hesitant to jump on a flight with a carrier she's not familiar with as they fly puddle jumpers. 

Tomorrow, some will be jumping out of bed to get some deals for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. 

00:32 Buc-ee's Adventure 

04:36 Carmen learns more about Buc-ee's 

07:08 Welcome Back to School

09:59 texts coming in early again! 

13:41 Credit Card debt 

18:05 TB12's Birthday

20:45 Jump in the pool for an Aqua Tumbler! 

25:59 videos coming in 

26:57 Does the shower count? 

29:13 Congratulations to the winners! 

30:54 Cake up Dave's nose 

33:36 Southwest Airlines cutting fees 

37:34 Silver Airlines? 

42:43 Thumbs up from Darryl 

47:03 National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day 

51:27 Bill's BIG Word 


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