The Morning Cruise Replay- Returning To Form

Monday, August 01, 2022

Dave, Bill and Carmen are back after 2 weeks of well deserved vacation. And it's just in time for school to start in some parts of our listening areas. We heard a few stories from their travels and caught up on some of the news that happened while they were out. 

00:32 We're back! 

01:49 Dave's T-shirt and School Start Dates 

04:11 Florida vacationers in Georgia 

07:28 Bill is back just in time 

08:30 Dave - Houston and NASA visits 

18:26 Code Blue Names 

22:41 Bananagrams 

26:05 Carmen's White Water Rafting Trip 

34:20 Rolling Thunder River Company 

37:05 Adam's Superpowers 

41:56 Back To School 

44:36 Dave's 3 hour visit with High School Teacher 

48:41 New name for murder hornets 

50:48 Season 2 of The Chosen 

58:18 Amy Grant in the news 


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