The Morning Cruise Replay - Coming Down The Road

Friday, July 15, 2022

As Dave, Bill and Carmen get ready to hit the road for vacation over the next couple of weeks, they looked ahead at a few other things coming down the road. 

Paige Brown's Fall Bible Study will begin on Wednesday, September 7th. In the meantime, we've got a video message from Paige that is well worth the watch. 

Jules hit the road along with her husband and youngest daughter for a visit to the Florida studios this week. And her daughter, Ellie, has reveled in spending time at the station, getting her hair colored and just hanging with mom and dad. 

As Bill prepares for a little time away, he took a moment to share how he's looking forward to spending time in His creation. 

BOGO milkshakes are coming back to Shake Shack. 

Carmen may spend some time getting rid of a few things from her closet while on vacation, but she was curious what the one thing you can't get of is. 

If you love Wordle, you'll want to pre-order the new board game version from Hasbro. And speaking of Hasbro, they are also working on a new action figure featuring you! A selfie printed action figure could be yours starting in the fall. 

With inflation, some creative responses have answered the rising prices. Like the guy who has skipped the road traffic in favor of a kayak trip to work. Bill shared some other creative responses as well before he finished the show with his BIG Word. 


00:32 Paige Brown Fall 2022 Bible Study 

04:17 A video from Paige 

07:11 Jules- Ellie's Hair 

11:35 Jules - coffee with Ellie 

15:02 Revelation in creation and scripture 

17:17 Milkshakes 

20:08 One thing you can't get rid of

25:41 texts and Bill's response 

28:31 Wordle IRL game 

30:43 Hasbro Selfie Action Figures 

33:36 Creative Responses to Inflation 

37:03 Paige Brown on September 7th 

39:40 Bill's BIG Word 

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