The Morning Cruise Replay - Hang On!

Thursday, July 14, 2022

You'll want to hang on with us all show long today. Just like kids who hang on to every word from the show, Bluey, and some adults too! 

How does one make a connection between the band CAIN and avocado? Hang on to find out how Bill is able to connect those dots as he shares some avocado ripening tips. 

Are you one to hang on to a bucket list? What travel destinations do you have? For Bill, the United Kingdom is on his list while Carmen wants to make a trip to Italy. Speaking of all the travel, Dave was reminded of his twin daughters-in-law as they celebrate their birthday today. What do foreign countries have to do with that? Well, his middle son met and proposed to his wife in Canada. That led to Bill sharing his proposal story and Dave shared his engagement story as well. 

All this talk of hanging on and what we really need is a hangar! Carmen tells us exactly what she is looking for. 

Looking for a perspective shift on using gifts for God? Bill's got a thought from The Gospel Coalition by comparing Moses at 40 vs. Moses at 80. 

Would you hang on to a vehicle that required a subscription for heated seats? 

If you are looking to help lessen your financial debt, Carmen tells us how unsubscribing from some of those services can help. 

And hang on till the end to hear Bill's BIG Word of the Day. 

00:32 Bluey Show 

05:41 text responses 

08:37 Cain to Avocado connection 

10:19 Avocado ripening tips 

14:08 Travel to Italy 

19:30 bucket list trips 

22:20 bucket list texts 

25:45 Engagement stories 

30:55 We need a HANGAR! 

33:44 Moses at 40 and 80 

37:33 Subscription for heated seats 

43:33 Cancelling a subscription 

45:56 Bill's BIG Word 


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