The Morning Cruise Replay - With Hope

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Had to borrow today's podcast title from a Steven Curtis Chapman song as we shared parts of our conversation with the Christian music icon (which you can find HERE)to start the show today. 

After that we shared a little bit more about our visit with him after the show yesterday and took the opportunity to share about his ministry for adoption, Show Hope. 

We were very hopeful around here yesterday as many of us were working to get our hands on a Stanley Adventure Quencher Tumbler. Even Bill is on the train now! While some of us had success, others (like Steve...) did not fare so well! 

If you love Wordle and were hoping for more insight, the New York Times now has a WordleBot feature. Carmen not only plays Wordle but Wordhurdle as well. And along with hope, she got help from a hint or two for today's word puzzle. 

If you are hoping to build your community but running into barriers, Bill has a book for you to check out from Jennie Allen called Find Your People. 

00:32 Steven Curtis Chapman's visit and Show Hope 

04:03 Bill on the Stanley Tumbler train 

07:02 Steve and Haley's efforts for a Stanley Tumbler 

10:41 Wordlebot 

13:41 wordhurdle hints 

17:41 Barriers to Community 

21:26 Remedies to Community 

26:22 Bill's BIG Word 



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