The Morning Cruise Replay -Seeing Eye To Eye

Monday, July 11, 2022

From Dave, Bill and Carmen getting recognized over the weekend to working on ways to see eye-to-eye in the midst of an apology and seeing a few other things that we just had to talk about, today's show was all about seeing eye to eye. But it actually started with some hacks to get some shut eye at hotels. 

Then Carmen told a story about how she saw Bill's workload differently than he did. 

Dave told us how he was recognized by listeners while doing yardwork at home. Carmen was recognized while out to eat by a longtime listener. And Bill met a listener who misplaced him at a speaking engagement years ago. 

Have you seen the cheaper gas prices? 

Bill and his wife weren't seeing eye to eye before church yesterday. That led to a bit of a repentance session from Bill, who then shared Ford Taylor's 6-Step Apology. 

Carmen and her family were busy this weekend planning for their family vacation. When Carmen found out that her mom was planning on using a suitcase from the 90's, she recognized that they were not on the same page for packing for the trip. 

Carmen gave us the download on how to download The Bible Recap including a short video that comes with each devotion. 

Dave told us about a 17-year-old young man who did the right thing when he thought no one was watching, but was handsomely rewarded. Stacey then called to share her own story. 

Bill saw his daughter working hard over the weekend, but he couldn't identify what exactly she was doing: crawling or scooting. 

Carmen started watching something this weekend that she usually waits until August to do. 

And Bill's BIG Word has become a part of the show that you just can't miss. 


00:32 Hotel Sleeping Hacks 

04:46 Carmen's Bill Sleep Story 

07:55 Dave recognized doing yardwork 

12:23 Carmen recognized at CPK 

15:54 Bill mis-identified 

18:15 Cheaper Gas 

19:29 Bill's Repentance Session 

24:27 Ford Taylor's 6-Step Apology 

28:29 Mohair's Suitcase 

33:05 The Bible Recap 

40:52 17-year-old does right thing 

44:12 Call from Stacey 

45:24 Crawling or Scooting 

47:26 College Football Re-runs 

51:48 Bill's BIG Word

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